About us

We are the sustainable events company dedicated to eliminating waste from events through material and strategic innovation.

Created in a circular economy mindset we believe that all the resources required to prosper as a successful business can exist in a sustainable form.

Our lab invests time and effort in the research and development of better sustainable materials and practices to better the events industry. This could be something small, such as creating nuts and bolts from 100% recycled aluminium - simply because we couldn’t find them - or something bigger, like taking waste plastic from a beach clear-up and using it to make a playground. We enjoy working toward complete sustainability in everything we do because we enjoy seeing the positive impact it has on our planet.

Our team is made up of people with backgrounds in live events, sustainable design, machine engineering, product design, material science, architecture and more. We are environmentally driven and living at a time when the damage being done to our planet is clear to see.

Ecobooth is a service provider working with companies that share our beliefs and values.

It’s time to stop sweeping environmental issues under the carpet and invest in the future of our planet.

Hello, we are Ecobooth.